Weekly Update

Merry Christmas from Sickville

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… because we are all sick. Well, not all of us. I have somehow avoided the plague. But you know the sense of impending doom you have when a bug is traveling through the family and you just know you’re next? I’m feeling it.

It started with Chad. I knew it was bad when he dropped out of a golf tournament because he wasn’t feeling well. I’m pretty sure in our 5 years of marriage it is the one and only time he’s stopped a tournament early.

Avery and Alice caught the bug at the exact same time, two days later. It’s a weird one because it seems like they are getting better, but then they regress and get worse. The main symptoms are runny nose and junky cough… and shockingly the girls haven’t perfected the art of nose blowing and covering mouths for coughs and sneezes, so I am living in a cesspool of germs.

Poor Alice has been hit the hardest, with her respiratory bug turning into a stomach bug yesterday. The good news is, Alice is getting pretty good at warning us before she pukes.

She yells, “Get the cup mom!” about 5 seconds before she starts spewing. (The cup being hospital grade puke bags that I purchased when I was pregnant- a great alternative to puking into a bowl.)

I hate everything about puke. When I became a nurse, I thought that it was a fear/ disgust I’d be able to overcome. But I learned that all nurses have one bodily fluid that they hate and unfortunately, the disgust never leaves.

Alice; however, is not disgusted by puke. The first time she puked, she puked up the blueberries and cheese stick she had eaten minutes earlier. She was very upset to have lost them and demanded that I gave her back her puked up blueberries and cheese stick. You will be pleased to know I didn’t give in to her demands.

I have severe cabin fever from all the time we’ve spent inside. Alice STILL has a fever but when we took her into the doctor today, both flu test and strep test were negative… so we’ve been told to wait it out and come back in if she still has a fever on Sunday.

I write this from my perch on the couch next to Alice, who is lying on the puke barrier towel and watching Paw Patrol, which I have watched far too much of in the past week.

Other news-

We are going to celebrate Christmas in Florida as 1) we have Chad’s family here to celebrate with and 2) so the girls can have a relaxing, non-travel filled holiday.

It’s not as weird as I thought it would be to be celebrating Christmas in warm weather. It helps that it gets dark early- which makes it feel more wintery.

Kid Cuteness

Every night when we pray as a family, Avery ends her prayer with “And please let Daddy teach me how to golf”.

Alice will say, “You da best, Mom!” at random points in time and it always melts my heart.

Sending love back home to all in the wintery wonderland!