Week 1: Highlights, Lowlights


  • Key lime pie from Sweet Melissa’s. Easily the best key lime pie that exists
  • Ice cream- a lot of it
  • Getting hit on by an 80 year old in a speedo- Chad better watch out
  • Manatee spotting
  • Simply being able to spend a lot of our time out in the sun every day
  • Beach swim on Sunday night when the water was uncharacteristically wavy. It reminded me of a childhood trip to the Outer Banks, NC where we spent our days swimming in the big waves.


  • Grumpy kids
  • Discovering Avery has an extreme fear of seagulls. SEAGULLS. Our visit to the beach was rather traumatic for her and everyone trying to relax near us.
  • Too many old men wearing speedo’s

By Laura Onstot

My New Year's Resolution is to eat Oreos and take a nap every day. So far, the year is off to a strong start.

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